While being an Octopus

Ongoing project

Video series: Variable


A video installation titled “While being an Octopus”, consists of series of videos and balance game; every video is viewed separately on screen or through projector, and the toy/game is placed in front of the videos so audience can interact and play the game as a projection of the real player in the videos. (Each video duration ranges between 2-3 minutes.)

The project is looking for the position of women in the Arab region by addressing the concept of "balance" required by women in general and Mothers in particular. The project comes as an extension of Rania’s research on the experience of maternity especially from a social point of view as the study of the situation of women in the context of being a mother and the relation to home and household responsibilities is strongly related. “While Being an Octopus” aims to represent the endless trials of creating balance between all the tasks and elements, while examining the relation between the human body playing live and the recorded videos being played by the mother.            


The project was funded by Gender Bender /a joint project of the Goethe-Institute / Max Mueller Bhavan and Sandbox Collective.

Video Installation,  Single channel videos (HD)/ screened via screen or projector/ 2019

Switch Art project, street window screening, Nenagh, Ireland, 2019

Live performance for playing the real game of balance, while screening the video.

 © 2019 by Rania Atef 

 Cairo, Egypt

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