Not only Ostriches bury their heads in sand

Polyester, Duco paints, dimensions 30*15*12 cm each

Public Art


Investigating the rapid development of information technology and the large availability of such a large number of ports and inputs, the existence of new territories of Data and information that has been arising the past few years, not only threatening geographical borders and political powers but it increases the level of insecurities and pressure, thus it forms new behavior and attitude among different social levels.

The project questions the human behavior towards this development and the speed of circulated amount of information and news via satellites, the Internet and social media, and on the other hand it looks at the relationship of different educational frameworks, whether (un)formal education or others with this change as a source of knowledge.

The project acts as a reflection of the feeling of being stuck and overwhelmed with stress, tons of information, and massive input we are being exposed to nowadays , which leads to disconnection , Isolation and the desire to disappear.

 © 2020 by Rania Atef 

 Cairo, Egypt

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