Between the Dinosaur and Roller-coaster


Metal installation 3.8*2.2*2.4 Meters

Video series, HD, Loop, 4 screens

If there were a fight between the mother’s self and that of her child then neither would win. It is, “of course”, the Dinosaur that wins, and its name is guilt.

(Excerpt from How to Mend: Motherhood and its ghosts)

The metal structure acts as an expression for a certain state of being: Continuously negotiating mixed feelings, in an endless cycle of juggling responsibility with social and psychological burdens, combined with a feeling of guilt. It further considers the work of mothers as unpaid labor, a peg in an economic system that reinforces the role of women as the main caregivers. The roller coaster as a fixed structure echoes social systems and narratives which are difficult to change, and a cycle that is difficult to exit.

 © 2020 by Rania Atef 

 Cairo, Egypt

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     Rania ATEF