Wood and paper

Dimensions 3*1.5*1.5 meters / 2.8*1.2*1.5 meters


Adaptation is a public art project made out of used wood and paper. It consists of two objects; a broken chair and casserole. The skeleton of the two objects is wood and covered with paper-mache and collage. 

The chair and the casserole are considered the most common objects in Egyptian houses. We keep them with their deformations and try to use them with every state they get transformed to. It reflects a dominant part of the Egyptian mindset which is the great ability to adapt with every change. 

It was a part of FRTR project implemented by Baad El Bahr foundation, Mashrabia Gallery. And it is funded by Swiss Embassy in Egypt.

 © 2020 by Rania Atef 

 Cairo, Egypt

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